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Projects Completed

Some of the products and solutions that have been developed within the schools we have worked with.

Write for Change

Students often struggle with the writing process, especially when English is an additional language. This programme helps develop sentence formation in books 1 and 2, and then creative writing in books 3 and 4.


Teacher Observation

and Feedback

Appraisal is part of a teacher's development, but it can either demoralise or encourage, depending on how it is done. This process enable honest evaluation that leads to development not disappointment.

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The Lesson Planning Process

Lesson planning is an essential skill that teachers often struggle with. This programme helps teachers plan effective, interactive lessons for students that enable true learning.

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Implementation of

Genius Hour

Genius Hour encourages self-learning, motivation and presentation. Students choose their own topic to research and then present to others. They learn the skills of research, pitches, organisation, summarising, ICT, presentation and accepting and using feedback.

genius hour.jpg


Intervention for Maximizing students’ Potential through Attainment of goals, Counseling and Training.

A programme to ensure that ALL students in your school discover and reach their potential.  From struggling students to high achievers, students will grow academically and personally.  Destiny Education will guide and equip your teachers to meet the needs of your students more effectively. 


Event Planning by Students

Students love to plan and conduct events, everything from budgeting, to purchasing, to hosting and evaluating.

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